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About Early Ejaculation
We’re quite sure you’ve heard of “slow and steady wins the race,” and maybe you’ve even thought “wow, that sure applies to matters of the bedroom too.” Well, as it turns out, you’re quite right as no man would ever want to disappoint his partner by ejaculating too soon. But how does one prevent premature ejaculation from happening? And if it’s already a problem, how can one go about solving it? Let’s take a look at why this condition happens and some treatment options that you can consider in order to escape the embarrassment that early ejaculation causes.

Premature Ejaculation Defined
Actually, defining early ejaculation is somewhat challenging because some couples are okay with let’s say six minutes of intercourse, while some would say that that is too short. Deciding on a satisfactory length of intercourse would then vary from couple to couple. But just to put things in perspective, one research paper shows that the average lasting time of men who are suffering from premature ejaculation is 1.8 minutes. Now if you or your partner feels that you have climaxed way before either one of you wanted, then there is probably some degree of early ejaculation happening there. You shouldn’t worry too much unless it’s happening more and more frequently. And if you are dealing with that, then you should really consider seeing a doctor or get a leg up on understanding your treatment options.

What Causes It?
Whereas defining premature ejaculation is somewhat challenging, pegging its cause is undoubtedly more difficult as most cases are said to not have a clear cause. Experts believe that age could be a factor, that is, as a guy develops his skills in the bedroom, he also learns to delay ejaculation. There could also be cases where an underlying medical condition such as hormonal issues, injury, or certain medications may be causing the problem. And lastly, anxiety, depression, and other psychological factors can also trigger early ejaculation, in which case, the patient should consider seeing a therapist.

Addressing the Problem: Treatment Options
Your doctor will probably advise you to see a therapist and maybe prescribe a desensitizing cream or an antidepressant that can help delay ejaculation. He or she may also teach you certain techniques such as the stop and squeeze method, which will require the active participation of your partner to help you get to that point where it’s finally okay to let go. Now, if you’re like other men who are willing to try every solution out there, you may want to give male enhancement products a try. But of course, you can’t just try any penis supplement that you can get your hands on. You will need to choose the right product – one that is effective, safe, and offers a host of other benefits that will improve your overall sexual health. Lucky for you, we have made it our goal to evaluate the best male enhancers in the market today so you can choose the best brand to solve your early ejaculation problem.