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Erectile Dysfunction – Discover the Causes and Possible Treatment Options

Description: One of the biggest sexual health problems faced by many men these days is Erectile dysfunction. Discover more about its causes and the possible treatment options you can try.

So far, it experiencing an erectile dysfunction bout every now and then can still be considered as normal. But the moment the condition persists, then, that would be the time for you to take action. An ongoing case of erection dysfunction needs to be immediately looked into by a physician.

The treatments for this condition would usually include orally administered medications, direct injections to the penis, prosthetic implants on the penis, vacuum devices and counseling.Erectile dysfunction which is a man’s inability of getting and/or keeping an erection in order to allow a sexual activity complete with penetration is also known as impotence. This condition is not really a disease but instead, this can be a symptom of other problems, whether it is psychological, physical or the combination of the two.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Before, it has been believed that this condition is the result of some psychological factors, including depression or anxiety. But the truth is, erection dysfunction can actually be caused by several physical illnesses.

  • Psychological factors – The sexual performance or drive of a man can be impacted by stress, including work problems, financial worries, and relationship difficulties. Feeling anxious or depressed regarding the poor bedroom performance as well as psychiatric conditions can all lead to a poor erection. Approximately one out of ten erection dysfunction cases is the result solely of psychological factors.
  • Physical illness – Impotence is commonly linked with those conditions that can affect the amount of blood that flows to a man’s penis. High cholesterol, diabetes, cigarette smoking, hypertension as well as obesity are commonly involved. Cardiac disease also has a strong connection with erectile dysfunction.
  • Combination of psychological factors and physical illness – Physical issues on sustaining an erection might make men feel anxious regarding their sexual performance and this can only make matters worse.
  • Unknown – For a few rare cases, neither psychological nor physical causes can be seen. Usually, it is just presumed that the hidden cause might be a vascular disease.

You need not worry about the occasional failures of keeping or getting an erection as this is quite normal. Some other causes would include tiredness, anxiety, and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.


Ongoing Erectile Dysfunction Needs to be Investigated

Even though it is still considered normal to have occasional erection dysfunction cases, an ongoing issue might already be a sign of a more serious physical illness. Your doctor should be the one to conduct a full investigation of the problem in order to determine if there are other underlying medical causes which might call for some treatment. These can include diabetes, high cholesterol, blood vessel and heart diseases or high blood pressure.

The moment you have identified whether your problem stems from psychological or physical causes, you will now be able to get the correct treatment procedure.

Possible Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

  • Counseling and psychotherapy
  • Changing the prescription drugs in case they cause the problem
  • Oral medications
  • Hormone therapy (seldom given)
  • Direct penile injections
  • External vacuum devices that will create flow of blood

Erection dysfunction is not a condition that you can simply take for granted. It is a must to seek for professional help the soonest time possible in order to ensure that the problem will not worsen in the long run. By determining the real cause of your erectile dysfunction problem, the easier would it be for you to find the right treatment option suitable for your case.