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28 Feb 2015

How to Remedy Excessively High Libido Levels
Posted by suptadmin .

How to Remedy Excessively High Libido Levels

If there are men who are seeking solutions for erectile dysfunction and less-than-ideal libido levels, there are also those who are dealing with excessively high levels of sexual desire. If you think this is great and you’d want to have unlimited sex drive for pleasure, think again – there are downsides to having too much of a good thing.

Excessively high levels of libido can distract you from your daily routine, such as important function at home and in the office. Increased sex drive also usually correlates with a higher level of aggression, which possibly results in sex addiction. This necessitates a consultation with a qualified doctor to keep libido under control.

Here is some sound advice to keep your libido to manageable levels:

  1. Lower your fat and animal protein intake in your diet. Increased fat intake has been associated with increased testosterone levels, so it will help to minimize it in your diet while lowering your libido. The proteins and hormones found in meats (chicken, beef, pork, and turkey, to name a few) can also play a part in increasing this primary male sex hormone. As an example, vegans and vegetarians – who are non-meat eaters – tend to maintain lower testosterone levels compared to their meat-eating counterparts. This means a lower libido level.
  2. Add soy to your diet. According to some studies, soy can reduce testosterone levels, which will eventually reduce your libido status. Tofu is one common example of a soy food product that you may try in different forms and meals.
  3. Exercise regularly. Undergoing a comprehensive exercise program has been shown in research to decrease testosterone levels while increasing cortisol. Marathon runners, for example, are seen to have lower-than-average testosterone levels.
  4. Try herbal supplementation. The lesser-known herb caste tree berry is been traditionally used – specifically since the Middle Ages – for fighting a very high, out-of-control libido level.
  5. Consult your doctor. This will allow a proper diagnosis and treatment of the potential underlying reasons for your sexual condition. Your doctor will look into your medical history, medications, and other factors that can determine why your libido levels are beyond normal. The overactivity may be addressed through medication, supplementation, or psychotherapy.

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