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31 Dec 2014

Increase Your Sperm Count with These Foods
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Increase Your Sperm Count with These Foods

Part of optimal male enhancement is ensuring good sperm count and health. According to the Mayo Clinic, your ejaculate should contain almost 40 million sperm in order for you to have a positive fertility potential. At least 40 percent of that amount should be good, active swimmers. If you are worrying about your sperm health, there are strategies you can implement to reach your sperm count goal, and these include your diet. What you eat will directly influence this number.

Here are three foods that are recommended to improve your sperm status:

  • Oysters – Oysters are not just an aphrodisiac or libido enhancer, but also help improve your sperm count. They provide zinc, a deficiency in which can affect the number of your sperm. Eleven milligrams a day are recommended for adults, and raw oysters can help you go beyond this amount with just six average-sized pieces! Other sources of this mineral include beef, dark chicken meat, and baked beans, to name a few.
  • Vegetables – Veggies that are high in vitamin E can help improve your sperm production. Among the best sources of vitamin E are spinach, turnip greens, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes. If you are not really a big fan of vegetables, you can also consume bran cereal with raisin or corn flakes, both of which are good vitamin E fortified sources.
  • Fruits – Fruits are not only tasty, healthful snacks, but also provide an abundance of vitamin C, which is important for sperm production and their motility or ability to move. Consume enough citrus fruits, including orange juice. Other recommended foods are peaches and cranberry juice. Stop smoking, because this habit zaps your body of the vitamin C it needs every day.

The foods you eat have a great and direct impact on your overall wellness, including your sperm count enhancement. There are other recommendations for this purpose, including maintaining a healthy weight. Being obese or overweight can affect your sperm quality, and even lead to conditions like erectile dysfunction. Eliminate junk and processed foods from your diet, including soda and sugary foods. Exercise regularly. Limit your alcohol consumption, too.

You may combine these smart interventions with a high-quality male enhancement supplement, particularly if you have symptoms of poor erections and premature ejaculation. This can also help improve your energy and performance in bed. Consult your healthcare provider, especially if you have an existing condition that you are taking medications for.

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