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28 Mar 2013

Know More About Libido Changes in Women
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Just as important as your performance in bed is knowing how your partner feels about sex. Naturally and like you do, women experience changes in their libido or sex drive at different times of their lives. They may have heightened interest in sex at one point (probably at the start of the relationship), or maybe lowered libido whenever they go through extreme stress. You may need your fix of erection pills; your partner may need her own pleasure pill, too.

But why are there fluctuations in your lady’s sex drive? There are various kinds of changes at play here. Hypoactivity in sex can be momentary or lifelong, or can only happen given certain conditions. A hyperactive sexual desire, on the other hand, can be of another important cause for concern, as it can get in the way normal daily functioning.

There are different possible causes in changes in libido in a woman. These include hormonal changes, especially during menstruation or other phases. Physical transformations, psychological issues, and relationship problems may also be considered. Affecting sex drive just as much are prescription drugs (such as antidepressants and hypertension medications), chronic stress, low self-esteem, and marital woes. Menopause brings a lot of physiological and emotional hurdles, but it surely does affect her interest in sex as well.

There are ways to determine appropriate treatment and solution. You can help your woman seek medical attention to pinpoint the underlying causes for these libido changes in her, mostly if there’s no obvious trigger such as relationship changes. Her healthcare provider may perform certain tests, including thyroid examination or checking for vaginal dryness or other issues.

A combination of treatment methods may be prescribed, such as changes in diet and implementing regular exercise. Stress management is another common approach. Counseling or talk therapy has been shown to work as well, and this includes her sitting down with the therapist (including you, in some cases) to tackle the problem and get right down to the best solution to take.

Don’t get alarmed if you’re seeing these changes in libido and sexual performance in your partner – these can be perfectly normal and easily addressed. If you’re dealing with a similar concern, the use of herbal penis pills may be explored (of course with the help of your doctor) to get back a healthy sex life.

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