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25 May 2013

Male Enhancement Through Surgery
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The penis has always been considered a strong, powerful symbol, and many men are considered a desirable partner if they possess a huge “manhood.” This has caused a handful of men to feel inadequate in this area, seeking ways to achieve effective male enhancement.

Surgery is among the most commonly known approaches to doing male enhancement, or penis lengthening. But what does surgery offers in this department? Is it safe and effective?

Different Types of Penis Surgery

Phalloplasty, or penis enhancement surgery, has been used to correct a health condition called “micropenis,” where there is insufficient amount of testosterone during fetal development. This results in an abnormally small penis, or about 2.8 inches or less when stretched and flaccid.

Phalloplasty is also recommended for those simply want to add girth or length to their penis for cosmetic purposes and similar reasons.

Different types of penis enhancement are being done today, depending on whether you’re seeking increase in length or width. Free fat transfer (FFT) moves fat from one area of your body to your penis in order to increase girth. There is no risk of rejection or disease because the fat comes from your own body.

Another penis surgery method, which is used to increase girth, is through the use of tissue cut from one area of your body – or from a cadaver – for surgically attaching to the penis. As for penis lengthening, there could be surgically cutting the ligaments that hold your penis to the public bone inside your body.

Post-Surgery Results and Considerations

FFT and tissue transfer have been widely done on men from different parts of the world. But their results depend to some degree on the surgeon’s skill, meaning the results are largely individual. Penis girth can be increase by 50 percent and above. To see dramatic results, though, it is likely that you undergo more than one procedure. The surgical release of the ligaments holding your penis to the pubic bone can cause an additional two to three centimeters of length.

Scarring can affect the final length post-surgery, so discuss the use of an extender during the recovery process with your health care provider.

Apart from scarring, potential post-surgery results include bruising, bleeding, infection, and poor cosmetic outcome. This is why it’s important that you consult with different certified and well-experienced doctors before settling for one. Ask all the questions you have about the operation, and make sure you’re comfortable with the health professional who will do the surgery.

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