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Enzyte Introduction

Last Updated: February 10, 2020

Enzyte is originally made  by Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals in Cincinnati, Ohio, now Vianda, LLC, and is a known nutritional supplement made from herbs. Its maker claims that the product can promote an all-natural male enhancement, the common euphemism used when pertaining to penile enlargement. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of the product is under doubts until this day, with manufacturer’s claims being scrutinized by numerous federal and state organizations. But despite this, it will still be fair to take a closer look at Enzyte and what it is inside it before making any judgment.


So far, it is not a big surprise that this natural supplement for enhancement – with all of its late night ads on TV aimed to have an impact on the male psyche – will be featuring this particular amino acid. To those who do not know, L-Arginine happens to be a natural nitric oxide precursor. Nitric oxide is a powerful vasodilator which puts the word erect in “erection.” However, even though consistent natural levels of nitric oxide are associated to tumescence, it seems that the body is merely adjusting to the artificial boost.


In the male brood, low intake of zinc is correlated with low semen and low testosterone output. However, when your zinc levels are pretty normal, binging on this might actually result to a decrease in your immune function.

Horny Goat Weed

These hardy plants from Asia produce icariin, a type of flavonoid that can inhibit the production of PDE5 enzymes which can prevent erections. In fact, Viagra actually stifles PDE5. A certain study conducted by Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medicine University stated that icariin can also increase the short term manufacturing of NO.

Tribulus Terrestris

This weedy flowering shrub has been shown to contain protodioscin, which is its fruit’s steroidal saponin. It is said to have the ability of stimulating the production of nitric oxide and male hormones. However, the only issue here is that overusing this has been associated to liver and kidney poisoning.

Avena Sativa Extract

As experts say, eat your oatmeal, or avena sativa. Numerous studies have already shown that the whole grains such as oatmeal help in lowering blood pressure that can also make more amounts of blood available in a man’s penis.

Korean Red Ginseng

According to the claims of traditional Chinese medicine, Asian ginseng can promote the life force of males. Meanwhile, traditional medicine in the west shows that the steroid-like components known as ginsenoside can promote nitric oxide production, which happens to be the life force of an erection. A study conducted in Brazil in 2007 has confirmed that ginseng can increase the penetration and rigidity scores.


Enzyte can provide 200% of a man’s daily suggested copper intake set by FDA. Deficiency in clinical copper is not common in humans yet this can still cause a reduction in the levels of nitric oxide. Still, excessive copper in the system can pose as a risk for diseases of the cardiovascular system, aside from being associated to erection dysfunction.

Positively, many are doubting the effectiveness and reliability of Enzyte. Just like when buying other products, being cautious about male enhancement items is something that cannot be avoided, considering that this will not only affect your sexual life but even your general health. For this reason, conducting a more in depth research on this product is truly a must.


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