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VigRX Introduction
VigRX Rating: 2nd
Overall Success Rate: 96.4%
Last Updated: December 09, 2019

Official Vigrx Site:

Exclusively made in Canada, Vigrx male enhancement supplement claims to rank first among other products of the same category in the said country. It seems that the product has 2 “official” websites yet both these two contain almost the similar information that is useful and detailed in general. Unlike most of the products of this kind, Vigrx seems to have been extensively tested, with the site citing the results acquired from the numerous trials. Among these many results, it has been proven that the product can actually increase the ability of sustaining an erection by about 62.82% and apart from the statistics, one can also find doctor endorsements and customer testimonials. In the website, there are also data about the issue of diminishment of male sexuality as well as the probable causes and dilemmas related to it.

The product is being sold directly from its manufacturer yet it is noticeably pricier as compared to other brands. However, one may find great discounts when larger orders are placed, together with a full money back guarantee good for 67 days.

Details of the Product

The ingredients’ list found in the formula of has been limited solely on the primary ones. These are all-natural with majority of them used commonly in many performance supplements. Some of the ingredients included in the formula include gingko biloba, rowdy weed, red berry, gingko biloba, ginseng, damiana, and Catuaba bark. Bioperine is also added into this blend in order to boost the general absorbency potential of the product. Saw palmetto extract is also included which is claimed to be a great support for prostate health. Since Prosexual Nutrients are not included in the product’s formula, it remains unclear as to how exactly the improved blood flow required by the penis is attained, even though it certainly makes use of several powerful substances that support energy.

The instructions on dosage have not been indicated as well although it is very likely for these capsules to be taken daily in order to sustain results.

The Advantages

  • The product contains bioperine.
  • There are available discount prices.
  • The results of clinical study are shown.
  • There are provided testimonials from customers.
  • A money back guarantee is also offered.


The Disadvantages

  • The product is expensive.
  • The product is not available for purchase in independent retail shops.
  • There are no provided full contact details.
  • Prosexual Nutrients are not included in the formula.

The Bottom Line

Since VigRX formulation includes Bioperine, it is expected to be absorbed more efficiently compared to the rest of the brands available in the market these days. Sad to say though, that the product has not included Prosexual Nutrients into its blend, or the substances that are needed when it comes to creating and sustaining healthy and strong erections. But overall, this male enhancement product is just a bit highly priced for it to be completely recommended, in spite of the fact that this seems to be very successful based on the scientific studies conducted.

However, at the end of the day, the decision is still yours to make. Considering its safety and effectiveness, Vigrx male enhancement product may not be a complete waste of time and is worth the try.

VigRX Reviewed by Best Male Enhancement. Rating: 96.4%
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