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27 Jun 2013

The Link Between Cancer and Erectile Dysfunction
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Cancer and its treatment can affect many different areas of your life and wellness. One potential area that might change or be affected is your ability to enjoy sex and be at your best in bed like you were before cancer. These changes are sometimes referred to as erectile dysfunction, and cancer or its treatment may definitely be an underlying cause.

Why Sexual Dysfunction Occurs Among Cancer Patients

Among cancer survivors, there are many different causes why erectile dysfunction occurs. There are those causes by physical changes, while others may spring out of changes in self-image and outlook on aspects of your life.

Certain types of cancer, such as those affecting your sexual and reproductive organs, that increase your risk for sexual dysfunction post-cancer. For example, prostate cancer patients have a much higher risk for erectile dysfunction, or up to 85 percent. This sexual condition is also more prevalent among men whose tumors are located in the pelvic area, including prostate cancer, and cancers of the colon, bladder, or rectum.

Here are specific causes of erectile dysfunction in male cancer survivors:

  • A drop in testosterone levels, or the hormone created in the testicles (this occurs due to hormone therapy for prostate cancer)
  • Radiation to the pelvic area, or the prostate, colon, bladder, penis, or groin
  • Damage to areas of your brain by cancer or its treatment
  • Surgery removing pelvic organs such as the prostate and areas of the colon or your penis
  • Side effects of medicines used for treating pain, nausea, anxiety, or depression
  • High doses of chemotherapy that may damage sexual desire or your erections

Erectile dysfunction is usually suffered by older men. By age 70, half of men without a history of cancer will experience difficulties or problems in their erections. What this means is that older male survivors may even have sexual performance difficulties that aren’t related to their cancer or cancer treatments.

Additionally, men are more likely to develop erectile dysfunction if there are heavy drinkers, smokers, are overweight or obese, or have an underlying medical condition such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.

How to Address This Medical Situation

There are steps you can take to help you with your condition. If erectile dysfunction is interfering with your life or happiness after cancer, you can talk to your doctor, relay your problem, and discuss the best treatment option possible. It usually does, but the dysfunction may not go away on its own, so you may have to be proactive about getting it solved through professional help.

Furthermore, you may ask your health care provider about the possibility of using male enhancement pills for their powerful herbal properties and benefits.

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