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20 Jan 2015

What Do You Do to Achieve an Orgasm?
Posted by suptadmin .

What Do You Do to Achieve an Orgasm

Time and time again on this blog we remind our readers: regardless if you are so in the mood for sex, you cannot just force an orgasm to take place. It does not occur at will, no matter how excited you are or how conditioned your genitals and body are for sex. Just like when there are erectile dysfunction symptoms, it sucks a great deal when orgasm does not occur. So what do you do for a lovemaking emergency like this?

There are several factors you have to consider as to why orgasm is a no-show. For instance, the more you pressure yourself to have an orgasm, the more it will not happen. It’s technically called anorgasmia, and it is characterized by the inability to achieve the peak of sexual intercourse.

Did you know that your emotions also play an important role in achieving an orgasm? There are many ways negative emotions can sabotage your sexual performance, including relationship issues, a feeling of inadequacy with your penis size, and a general sense of anxiety and worrying. You feel less relaxed, and you are not making a deep sexual connection with your partner. These are great contributors to the lack of orgasm.

Other factors that affect orgasm potential include stress, drug and substance abuse, and excess alcohol consumption. There are also great psychological blocks, trauma and injury, surgery, and hormone imbalance. There are underlying health conditions that could result in the same effects, as well as prostate issues, obesity, and erectile dysfunction can all put you at risk of orgasm failure.

If this is your problem, here are some tips and advice to win the battle:

  • Relax! – Instead of trying too hard to fight emotional blocks and distractions, devote your time and effort to sex and rekindling the flame.
  • Seek “touch therapy” – Get a sensual massage for a better and deeper connection with your partner.
  • Perform extended foreplay – Make full use of the parts of your partner’s mouth, tongue, fingers, and other hot spots for pleasure. Maximize foreplay in setting the stage for the best sex ever.
  • Get your imagination going – Fantasize together with your partner about the best and most lustful bedroom encounters you have. Role-play if you like, and explore new positions and experimental acts in bed.
  • Seek professional help – This can take the form of relationship counseling, or undergoing a doctor’s examination to figure out what is causing the problem.
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