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10 Jan 2015

Why Are Erections Problems Common Among the Elderly?
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Why Are Erections Problems Common Among the Elderly

Erectile dysfunction, while it can strike whether you are young or old, is more common among senior males. In addition, it could manifest in a more severe form in this age group. Its causes range from physical to psychological, and can take place as relatively mild to extremely serious. Read this article for a quick look at the common reasons why ED appears to be more prevalent among older men.

One is tissue damage, or specifically damage to tissues and organs that make creating an erection possible. A complex web of interactions takes place among your brain, nerves, spinal cord, and blood vessels to allow for erection, so damage to any of these can diminish or completely hinder an erection. This damage is often caused by trauma or a medical condition, such as diabetes. We know that these diseases are far more common among older than younger men.

Next are cardiovascular issues, where older men have a higher risk for developing their symptoms, including hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis). These are often associated with hypertension and somehow unrelated symptoms such as erectile dysfunction. There is also post-surgical condition, where certain surgeries increase the likelihood of erectile dysfunction. One example is prostate surgery, which threaten the nerves of your pubic region. Also common in aging men are benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostate cancer.

Finally, psychological factors contribute to erectile dysfunction in elderly men. Factors include chronic stress, fear, anxious feelings, guilt, and depression, which all hinder your neural impulses that are necessary for creating erections. Even by becoming simply fatigue, you hamper your ability to get your penis up. If you are a senior male, simply worrying about the state of your sexual health and potency can cause ED, mainly due to the anxiety you are experiencing.

With the abundance of male enhancement therapies and programs today, you can take your pick form herbal pills to prescription meds to penile devices and tools. Choose the most appropriate treatment for you with the help of your doctor, particularly if you have existing health conditions. Remember to prioritize quality and your safety over any purported sexual benefit.

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