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3 Jan 2015

Why Night Erections Occur
Posted by suptadmin .

Why Night Erections Occur

Have you have night-time erections, also known as penile tumescence? To create erections, your hormones, nerves, blood vessels, and muscles all work together. This hardening of your penis takes place from childhood to old age, and they can include these rather mysterious night erections, usually three to five times throughout your sleep. Researchers continue to dig deeper into their nature and causes.

Here are four common reasons why night erections take place:

  • Presence of erotic fantasies – You may be having sexual dreams, thus leading up to night erections. Your penis may also become erect due to an anticipation of sex while you are still dreaming in your sleep. A wet dream manifests, where a night erection involuntarily creates semen ejaculation. This typically happens during rapid eye movement (REM), the deep sleep phase.
  • Nitrous oxide release – Blood vessels may enlarge when nitrous oxide is released, and this allows the blood flow to your penile tissue, therefore creating an erection. Various areas of your body produce nitrous oxide naturally – for instance, as an important presence in your artery walls. NO production assists in many functions such as sleep, relaxation, and even penis enhancement.
  • Highly oxygenated penile tissue – The tissues of your genitals receive large oxygen amounts when your manhood becomes erect. Oxygen-rich blood, as it is widely known, is crucial in maintaining your ability to achieve an erection. At night when you sleep, the oxygenated tissues cause swelling of your penis with blood.
  • Failure of bladder control – A night erection may manifest due to a failure in bladder control. When your bladder swells to capacity as you sleep, urine fills your penis and as a result makes your penis erect. When you sleep, you are believed to maintain no control over your bodily functions; the loss of physical and hormone control thus leads to a failure in controlling erectile capacity.

If you are experiencing abnormal erections, such as those with pain and extreme discomfort involved, consult your doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment. Pay good attention to your penile and erectile health. Keep posted, too, for more expert male enhancement news and reviews on this blog!

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